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How Custom Parking Signs Help Your Business

Is a Lack of Designated Parking Spaces Frustrating Your Customers?

  • According to USA Today drivers spend an average of 17 hours per year searching for parking
  • Almost two-thirds of America’s drivers (61%) reported they felt stressed trying to find a parking spot
  • About 40% of motorists in the U.S. avoid shops where parking could be challenging

    The Parking Problem

    We’ve all experienced the struggle to find a parking space at our favorite boutique or restaurant. Or the frustration of circling around and around with a child or pet in the vehicle while trying to find a place to park that doesn’t require a long walk, through intersections and obstacles, just to get to our appointment.

    As a business owner, you’ve experienced frustration at seeing the few parking spaces available to your customers being used as overflow parking by a neighboring business, leaving your customers with nowhere to park. You watch helplessly as potential customers drive on by or away because there is no parking space available near your business. Unfortunately, just having accessible parking spaces is not enough. You need to designate them for use by your customers only.

    Custom Parking Signs Can Help

    Clearly marked, designated parking spaces can help increase the revenue of your brick-and-mortar retail shop or commercial business. Projecting a positive image begins in the parking area, helping small businesses win over new customers and keeping loyal ones.

    Businesses that provide parking solutions that meet a customer’s expectations and needs can increase trust and create a higher preference for their business over another, all while benefitting from more foot traffic and an increase in sales.

    What This Means for Your Business

    If your business is in an area with mixed zoning or with many businesses located closely together, you will need to clearly differentiate which parking spaces are reserved for your customers.

    However, all parking signs are not created equal. As with marketing and advertising your brand, image is everything. A well-designed parking sign improves the curb appeal of your business while implying that the owner is mindful of every aspect of the customer experience. The question in your customer’s mind “Is there available parking?” should be answered the moment they arrive. With the assistance of our design team, your custom parking sign can uniquely reflect your business. Bring your brand all the way out to the parking area – add a logo and verbiage that conveys your message, whether it be fun or firm. An image of high standards in your business signage projects to your customers the quality of your products and services.

    custom parking sign in front of business

    The Bottom Line

    Unless you are a business that has become a local institution, new and returning customers will be unlikely to patronize an establishment where it is a struggle just to park. Clearly designated parking signs make your customers feel special and catered to before they even walk through the door of your business. Most customers will feel more at ease and eager to shop, eat, or do business when they know their vehicle is in a safe, convenient location.

    We Can Help

    Our design team at Business Signs & More has helped hundreds of small business owners with custom signage solutions. How can we assist you?

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