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5 Reasons Why Signage Is Important for Your Business

You’re a business owner. You eat, sleep, and breathe with your business always on your mind. But what does your signage say about your business?

Does it:

  • Support your overall marketing strategy?
  • Reinforce your business brand?
  • Serve as a silent salesperson for your business?
  • Set your business apart from the competition?
  • Draw attention to your sales and promotions?

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    Why is the right signage so important?

    Signs are one of the least expensive, yet most effective, forms of advertising for a business. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), signage is a fundamental way to identify your business to existing and potential customers.

    People often judge a business by the quality and appearance of the signage, so it’s an important tool to project your business image. Many businesses increase their foot traffic simply by adding a good sign. Unfortunately, a business can close because poor signage makes it unidentifiable.

    The results of a survey of American small business consumers conducted by Ketchum Global Research showed the positive impact that good signage has on a customer’s intent to visit a business, make a purchase, and more. The numbers don’t lie, and the survey results clearly show the impact signs have on consumer behavior.

    • Almost eight out of 10 respondents (76%) responded that they have gone into a business they have never visited before because of its signs.
    • Almost seven in 10 respondents (68%) say they have bought a product or service because a sign caught their attention.
    • Three out of four respondents (75%) indicate they have told others about a business based solely on its signage.
    • Over two-thirds of respondents (68%) believe a business’ signage is indicative of the quality of its products or services. Poor signage can keep prospective consumers from entering a business. Over half of the respondents surveyed (52%) say they are less willing to enter a business with misspelled or poorly made signs
    • Almost 60% of respondents say the lack of signage is a strong enough deterrent to keep them from entering a business. (Don’t leave behind nearly 60% of your prospective customers!)


      Signage that converts is always working to brand and promote your business 24/7.

      But what exactly is signage that coverts?

      According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), signs serve as a primary link between a business and its customers. Effective signage draws attention to your business and helps it to stand out from the crowd. Small Business Connect shared studies indicating that as many as 45% of first-time customers visit a business because a sign got their attention. Attractive, high-quality signage placed in a prominent location draws attention to your business.

      Exterior signs are useful in areas where foot and vehicle traffic are prevalent, such as a crowded shopping area or busy street. Well-designed signage can bring attention and customers to an otherwise unknown location and help to introduce and reinforce your business brand. Exterior signs that promote sales and special events can effectively increase customer traffic and sales opportunities.

      Interior signs help customers identify your brand and can lead to impulse purchases when displayed strategically. Marketers apply the term "silent salesman" to displays and signs designed to increase sales and profits. Interior signs are particularly useful to small businesses that have few salespeople on hand to promote their products and services. Additionally, “silent salesmen” help to inform customers about special events and discounts.

      Signs can be an essential element of your business's overall marketing strategy. A sign that features a business' logo can help to reinforce the brand. Signs are also used to draw attention to promotions and to communicate information about the business. A sign is visible 24 hours a day / 365 days a year, working as a continuous marketing tool for your business. You want your sign to always look new and of high quality to promote your business image.

      Per the Small Business Administration (SBA), the cost-per-thousand, a common method used to measure the cost of reaching a thousand potential customers, is much lower for signage than other types of advertising. For businesses that have limited marketing funds, effective signage can be a cost-effective form of marketing that converts.


      Are you effectively utilizing signage as part of your marketing strategy?


      Brand reinforcement is the name of the game in business marketing. A high-quality sign that features your unique logo or a catchy advertising slogan can elevate your brand, making your business more memorable and influencing your customers to become loyal to your brand.

      business logo sign with two owners

      Even with all the online options available, customers still crave the experience that brick-and-mortar businesses offer. A Business Logo Sign provides the aesthetic feel that customers expect when they walk through your doors, while effectively reinforcing your brand.


      An engaging and on-trend sign placed in a prominent location draws attention to your business. The best signs turn heads and get a positive reaction from passersby, helping you capture customers that you might otherwise miss. This fun SHOP Sign works as a fabulous marketing tool for any retail location, helping your business stand out from the crowd and increasing customer interaction. Did we mention it’s a favorite photo op for customers?


      Informative signs are a powerful tool for business owners. Knowing your business hours and contact information, or seeing a promotion of your event or sale, can pique the interest and open the door for prospective customers. A Business Sidewalk Sign works to convey your information to customers in a convenient and visually appealing display, with easy to change custom inserts that look clean and professional.


      A pop of promotion on an empty floor space helps to utilize every square foot of marketing potential in your business. Custom Floor Graphics are the perfect signage for promotional purposes as well as brand reinforcement - conveying short, concise bits of information that can generate additional sales.


      Good signage is as important for a business on-the-go as it is for a permanent location. Signs that are both portable and convenient are essential for mobile businesses, pop up shops and trade show events.

      custom photo backdrop

      Brick and mortar businesses can benefit from signage for live sales and events that is flexible in any space yet stores efficiently. A Custom Photo Backdrop & Retractable Stand Set offers both cohesiveness and convenience to your brand.


      Strategically placed lighted signs make it possible to connect with your customers day or night. The modern alternative to traditional glass neon signs is LED Neon Signs.

      business logo custom neon sign

      Custom logo designs and on-trend sayings make LED Neon Signs a favorite for businesses and customers alike. You can create a focal point within your business using lighted signage or direct customers to areas that you are looking to promote.


      A business investment with an everyday return.

      Quality business signage is a simple, yet effective marketing strategy that offers small businesses inexpensive commercial advertising and can be extremely cost effective compared to ads on social media, television, radio, and print. A business sign that converts is a wise investment for the small business owner – you pay for the sign once, yet it continually advertises for you.

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      Would you like more information?

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