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4 Clever Boutique Sign Ideas That Will Make Your Store Pop

Eye-grabbing signage is one of the best ways to attract new customers into your boutique. Are your signs working for you or against you? Good signs will draw customers in and may even benefit your digital marketing strategy!

Many boutique owners aren't sure where to start when it comes to effective in-store signage. We're here to inspire you with a few of our favorite boutique sign ideas that are trendy, fresh, and fun. Read on to learn more.

1. An Eye-Catching "SHOP" Sign

We love the look of a hot pink eye-catching "SHOP" sign either in the boutique itself or outside of it. It's bright, large, and familiar enough to cause anyone to pause for a moment and look at it. Using a stop sign shape for a "SHOP" sign makes it into a clever pun. 

These signs are simple, making them great for any type of boutique. They'd be just as usable in a clothing store as a jewelry store, and they'll inspire people to stop and shop. They may even inspire a few Instagram story posts (which will function as free marketing for you). 

2. A Bright and Glowy Neon Sign

Who can resist the soft glow of a classic neon sign? 

True neon signs can be quite expensive, and they can get hot! Instead, more business owners are using LED "neon" signs for their in-store signage. These signs are safer, more eco-friendly, longer-lasting, and just as eye-catching. 

They work well either inside the store on the walls or in the window of the store to attract passers-by. 

3. A Custom Hashtag Sign

Are you working on your digital marketing? Let your in-store signage help out with a custom hashtag boutique sign. 

You can use it in customer or staff photos or you can hang it up in a photogenic location. This way, people will know to use your hashtag if they take photos in your store.

Again, this is great for organic marketing because your customers will be showing their followers how great your boutique is and making it easy for them to find you. 

4. A Cool Selfie Mirror Cling

If you own a clothing boutique, you know the importance of good mirrors. You want your customers to be able to see your clothing in its full glory, and for that, a large and well-lit mirror is a must-have. 

Why not upgrade your mirror with some in-store signage? This is one of our favorite boutique signage ideas. You can turn any mirror into a custom selfie mirror with a mirror cling.

This lets customers know that selfies aren't just allowed; they're encouraged! And, again, it's fantastic for marketing. Many people forget that their mirrors are usable spaces for signage. 

We Love These Trendy Boutique Sign Ideas

These boutique sign ideas can truly make your boutique pop. Whether you put your signs on the mirrors, the windows, the walls, or even on the sidewalk, they're sure to attract new customers who are excited to shop until they drop.

If you're in need of new signs for your boutique, visit our shop! We have pre-made and custom signs for all of your needs.

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