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Simple Styling to Dress Up Your Color-Pop Backdrops

We are loving our Color-Pop backdrops and have had a little extra fun dressing them up for spring and summer photo shoots! Our favorite styling technique is as gorgeous and it is simple. 


1) Set up your color pop backdrop: simply unroll your paper to the floor and stabilize with tape. We recommend using painters tape for easy removal and no left behind residue. 

2) Pick your florals: you can use faux florals or fresh florals for this. We used fresh florals and cut each stem about 4-5 inches from top to give the flowers a linear look. 

3) Double sided tape: we used a thin double sided tape then applied to the back of flowers and adhered directly to the paper backdrop. 

**Tip** we recommend placing florals along the outside (making and organically shaped “frame") and work your way around for a natural yet uniform look. 

4) Place your model: whether you’re using a real life model, mannequin or display, we always recommend closely examining its positioning in reference to the backdrop to be sure everything is even and easily visible. 

5) Take your leftover florals and use them as props! We love taking this darling bamboo wicker bag and stuffing them full of florals to reinforce the theme while drawing attention to the handbag. 

TA-DA! You now have a gorgeous photo backdrop for eye-catching photos. Have questions or need recommendations? We are always happy to help! Let us know via Live Chat or comment below.

Looking to order your first Color-Pop Backdrop, more colors or a support frame? You can find all of that HERE.

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