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Portable Sign Stand Double-Sided Display

Portable Sign Stand Double-Sided Display

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With the Portable Sign Stand with Wheels, you can move your sign with ease. Fill the 18" base with water or sand for resistance against windy conditions.  Built-in wheels make relocation simple and easy. Stability plates help mount signs on the pole in a secure position.  This display can be used as a 1 or 2-sided display.

  • Portable Sidewalk Sign Pole 
  • Accepts 9″ x 12″ to 24″ x 24″ signs
  • Pre-drilled pole holes
  • 2 pole height options, 48" & 60"
  • Fill with sand or water for stability
  • 1 or 2-sided display

*Please note: This applies to double-sided signs only. If you are ordering a double-sided sign and plan to display both sides simultaneously, the pole will slightly obscure one side. The options are to: (1) display one side at a time, or (2) order two one-sided signs instead of one double-sided, or (3) display with one side showing some of the pole. If a double-sided sign on a stand is displayed showing only one side at a time and the sign is flipped to change the message, the pole will not be an issue. 

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